We help brands drive customer engagement

Engage Customers

PLXIS enables you to Engage your Customers and Grow your Brand.

PLXIS provides a retail engagement platform providing payments, pre-paid, loyalty and offers that increase customer spend, allows faster learning, and optimizes digital innovation.

Increase Spend

Your customers will be delighted in your brand.

PLXIS will increase customer visits and increase customer spend by crafting pre-paid, loyalty, and offer programs custom tailored to your customers.

Be unique. Have a suite of integrated programs that uniquely represent what your brand is to your customers.

Learn Faster

Our objective is to enable you to learn faster than your competition by enabling you to rapidly innovate across your payment, pre-paid, loyalty, and offer programs.

Uniquely craft ideas to delight your customers and drive profitability. Test these ideas and hone them to perfection as PLXIS will enable the rapid innovation your brand requires.

Learning faster than your competition means you will meet your customers' demands more accurately and more permanently.

Optimize Digital Innovation

Digital innovation requires integration between multiple programs, typically requiring a variety of systems and teams

PLXIS enables optimized digital innovation by acting as “Digital Glue”, interconnecting the components of your digital strategy.

Have an existing program? No problem - PLXIS can plug into any existing programs while complimenting them with others.

Payments, Pre-Paid, Loyalty, and Offers. Ready to enable your digital business.


Franchisee Ready

Corporate owned locations? Franchisee based?
PLXIS is ready to serve your needs either way.

With many years of experience with one of the largest franchisee based brands in the world, PLXIS is prepared to serve the unique needs of franchise based organizations.


We are a passionate, multi-disciplinary, agile business and engineering minded group. When we hire, we’re looking for people as enthusiastic as we are about building PLXIS into something amazing. We are looking for people that view their craft as a calling and not a chore. For people that gleefully embrace experiential learning.

For people that think of those around them before themselves. We will expect a lot from you, want you to expect a lot from us, and we will treat you fairly and with respect.

If you would like to explore job opportunities with PLXIS, please send us an email at introducing yourself and why it is you want to work at PLXIS. We have offices in Miami, Florida and Cincinnati, Ohio.

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